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    Achieving IIoT futures


    Opening a new chapter of digital transformation for smart machining

    ESG net-zero energy transition

    Building eco-friendly and energy-efficient smart manufacturing environment

    From traditional monitoring to digitalization
    Smart Toolholder - MachSensing®

    MachSensing is a smart tool holder produced by Machsync that has high-precision sensing capabilities and can adapt to the high-speed rotation of cutting operations. It can even transmit collected data through wireless communication in harsh environments, such as high temperatures and humidity, providing users with real-time machining status and subsequent analysis.

    Spike® Smart tool holder

    Machsync, as the exclusive agent of Pro-micron focuses on wireless sensing devices, which can measure realistic dynamic force and temperature to achieve the most natural measurement characteristics, and meet the requirements of European Industry 4.0 development for comprehensive measurement technology.

    Smart manufacturing production line sensor Matching Solution

    Any sensor, such as smart cutting tool, smart cutting, accelerometer, strain gauge, temperature sensing, encoder, and many electric machinery characteristics can be effectively and comprehensively analyzed depending on the overall physical characteristics of each processing machine on the production line and accurately measure various anomalies and optimization levels of the production line equipment in the cutting process.

    Hardware in the loop(HiL)

    The design of MR2 hardware-in-the-loop has won the invention patent, which greatly improves the user's experience and assists engineers, researchers, and students who are engaged in the design and development of motor drive controllers can quickly get started in a short time. Board (Starter Kit), or connect to the controllers produced by various companies, as long as five simple steps, you can get started immediately, no knowledge of physical modeling is required, and the interface is simple and intuitive.

    Advanced Process and 3D Print Project Services

    Machsync is committed to the Internet of Everything and the intelligence of everything, so it needs to be assembled from different fields of knowledge, so that the intelligent machine integration system can be penetrated to many structural environments, and then provide an innovative, self-disciplined, and open working environment, so that the team can innovate endlessly, and then give life or sense to all things, to achieve the mission that Machsync has always been adhering to.

    Select your area of application to explore

    For the manufacturing industry, there are many problems with the ever-changing cutting process. Among them, tool life is an important factor affecting product quality in the process. Through the Internet of Things and sensing applications, we endow the tool handle with tactile sensory ability, so we can predict tool life and optimize the process to achieve the purpose of reducing costs and reducing workpiece waste.


    Earthquake is one of the unpredictable natural disasters. Building collapses caused by earthquakes occur one after another. Even if there is no immediate danger after the earthquake, it may cause permanent damage to the building. It is impossible to know the real state of the building only through human detection. Through the Internet of Things and sensing applications, it can give the building a tree-like vitality, instantly know the health status of the building, and rely on the accumulated data for analysis to provide people with a better living environment.


    The car mainly relies on four tires to move, and the mobility of the car will change according to the condition of the tires, which also affects the safety of human life. Therefore, the real-time monitoring of tires is very important.

    INDUSTRY 4.0
    Develop a more approachable industrial IoT solution